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sOLUTIONS for professionals

Pro Solutions

Professional service providers have unique needs when it comes to real estate transactions. We understand these requirements and have the qualifications and experience needed to provide the seller with the best possible advice when acquiring or disposing of real estate assets. 

Additional services provided to our professional clients:

  • Disposition Analysis/Scenario-based comparisons

    • Compare multiple disposition avenues for better decision making

      • As-is vs. Rehab sale price difference​

      • Cost-benefit analysis (click here for example)

  • ​Single Agent (Fiduciary) Broker Relationship

  • ​Project/Rehab Management (additional fee applies)

  • Experience-based suggestions to maximize your ROI

  • Access to our vendor partners (including contractors and other professionals)

  • In-house escrow services

  • Cloud-based transaction management

  • End-to-end management: No need for you to ever visit the property

    • Virtual hosting of images and other media for online tracking​

  • Weekly reports to keep you up-to-date on the status of your property/transaction

  • Consult with title companies, attorneys, and lenders to maintain transaction timelines​​

Contract Review

For Attorneys 

3M Realty Group works with attorneys across Florida and Georgia to ensure real estate transactions go smoothly. We specialize in making sure that a property is prepared for sale or purchase by performing a comparative market analysis, comparison of options, broker pricing opinion, coordinating repairs, and negotiating for maximum value with multiple vendors and contractors.

When you call on 3M Realty Group, you get a turn-key solution from licensed and experienced professionals.


For Guardians and Trustees 

Whether you're a guardian or trustee, 3M Realty Group can help you navigate the often convoluted world of real estate transactions. Our team is comprised of licensed and qualified professionals who work diligently to ensure the acquisition or disposition of real estate assets is efficient and that meets the requirements of your unique situation.


In addition to taking your property from listing to close, we offer turn-key services like comparative market analyses, comparisons of options, and repair coordination...resulting in less work for you.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Financial Report

For Financial Planners/Advisors

Assisting your clients to maximize their chances for a solid financial future is at the center of your business. One of the best wealth diversification vehicles is the investment in real estate. Answering questions like "where to buy" and "how much to buy" can be a daunting challenge.

3M Realty Group takes the guesswork out of this process. By leveraging our experience and network of professionals, you can ensure your clients' wealth is not only protected but also has a greater chance of positive growth.

Financial Advisors

For Accountants (CPAs)

Helping your real estate investment clients minimize tax liability and maximize ROI is your focus.


Featured services like scenario-based comparisons, project/rehab management, and transparent reporting, paired with 3M Realty Group's qualifications, experience, and unique market insight, will help guide your clients toward maximum ROI.

Office Desk
Looking Out of a Skyscaper

For Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Diversifying your trust's real estate holdings is one of only a few paths to sustained positive ROI. There are multiple avenues for diversification: retail, multi-family housing, offices, logistics, managed forests, and more.

And we're the right partner to help you boost ROI.

3M Realty Group's experience in these widely varying markets and with different types of holdings acquisitions and dispositions will help ensure your REIT invests its money into the right assets...assets that will create positive cash flow for the long haul.


For Court-ordered Sales

3M Realty Group has extensive experience in serving as Special Magistrate in cases where the sale of real estate has been court-ordered.

Utilizing our experience and leveraging our network of professionals, 3M Realty Group will ensure that your property is not only ready for market but that you'll have the best chance to receive the maximum value from the sale.

Judge's Table
Special Magistrate
Data on a Touch Pad

Broker Pricing Opinion


3M Realty Group offers a qualitative-based broker price opinion based on several key factors that impact the projected value of a commercial real estate asset:

  • Location

  • Accessibility

  • Maintenance Status

  • Curb Appeal

  • Supporting Amenities

  • Current and Potential Use

  • Load Factor

Incorporating a custom, 3M Realty Group BPO into a sales or lease strategy allows the seller or property manager to maximize ROI and attract the right buyers and lessees.

BPO for B2B


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